And they lived happily ever after

  • Albatros Ristorazione & Catering

Albatros Ristorazione & Catering

Albatros catering,works from many years in receptions: weddings, business lunche...

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  • Macarons che passione

Macarons che passione

The Macaron French pastries and macarons are now famous all over the world.Techn...

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  • Matrimonio in Cantina

Matrimonio in Cantina

Wine wedding ItalyWine is a magical world that never fails to seduce.Originally ...

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  • Matrimonio En Plein Air

Matrimonio En Plein Air

American wedding in ItalyAmerican marriage, provides the outdoor ceremony in a p...

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  • Cake Topper

Cake Topper

The cake toppers, are simply put those decorations to put on top of the wedding ...

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  • Agriturismi Farina

Agriturismi Farina

For lovers o the flavors of Tuscany flavors and Umbrian romance, we present two ...

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