And they lived happily ever after

  • Memorie del Passato

Memorie del Passato

The term tradition (from the Latin traditiˇnnem derivato da trÓdere = to deliver...

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  • L'abito da sposo 2017

L'abito da sposo 2017

Vanity and love for aesthetics are requirements of the bride but also of the gro...

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  • Hotel Corsignano Pienza

Hotel Corsignano Pienza

For your wedding in Pienza, choose the Corsignano Hotel, run by the Family Fiora...

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  • Vallechiara


We are located in the beautiful countryside of Castellina in Chianti, a place fa...

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  • da definire

Il Greppo

Wedding Wine If you love wine, you can now organize your wedding on a tasti...

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  • Sartoria Borgo Maestro Junior

Sartoria Borgo Maestro Junior

Dressing children is a passion for tailoring the Borgo Maestro. Stefania, mom an...

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