And they lived happily ever after

  • La Sposa in Ferrari

La Sposa in Ferrari

Wedding Italia, organizer of the photo service, at the Castle of San Giovanni d'...

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  • Mise en Place

Mise en Place

Mise en place Scenography,  harmonious order between the many elements are ...

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Wedding Italia has been visiting Arezzo Oro, an important event for producers an...

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  • Sartoria BorgoMaestro

Sartoria BorgoMaestro

Borgo Maestro is a dressmaking workshop located in Asciano, at the hert of Crete...

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  • Spazio Coperture

Spazio Coperture

Spazio Coperture is a leader in the rental and sale of facilities and equipment ...

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  • Wedding Dog Sitter

Wedding Dog Sitter

Would you ever leave at home, your best friend in the most important day of your...

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