Sposi Expo Arezzo 2016

Sposi Expo Arezzo 2016

News from the fair Sposi Expo Arezzo
Creativity. geometries, originality: marriage in 2016 is dedicated to research of originality.
Dare tissues, daring decorations, models.
Great interest in everything that recalls the  nature, in the choice of materials and colors: country environment, nature, greens are themes that will be with us for many more years.
Here's what we discovered while walking through the stands of Arezzo Sposi Expo 2016.

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  • Albatros Ristorazione

  • Sartoria Borgo Maestro Wedding

  • Fiori di Arancio

  • Il Ricamificio la Perla

  • Giuliattini Catering

  • Bianchi Spose

  • Textura by Lebole

  • Sartoria Borgo Maestro Wedding

  • Atelier I Promessi Sposi

  • Il Ricamificio la Perla

  • Fiori d\' Arancio

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