Corredo da Sommelier per le nozze Trequanda

Corredo da Sommelier per le nozze

Wedding culinary

Get married, stay home, invite your friends.

Here is the wedding list is more appreciated if it includes useful items, like the  sommelier kit
Some sets may be purchased by groups of people.

From sommelier and journalist member of the National Women's Wine
I recommend a basic outfit Sommelier, or at least the one I use in my event:

Thermometer wine: the wine should always be at optimum temperature. Sparkling wine, 8 C, white and rose wines 10-12 C, Rossi 14 C, 18 liqueur dessert wines;


Bucket and punch to the ice

Decanter for the wines of long aging

Set of tasting glasses.


A beautiful white tablecloth.

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Il Corredo da Sommelier

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